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Page history last edited by Eduard Fabra 12 years ago

Welcome to the popwisdom page!


PROVERB OF THE DAY: A carn dura, dent aguda. Previous Daily Proverbs

As a young pretentious man, I always disdained popular wisdom as it comes to be expressed in sayings and proverbs. But after rather a dull and long, abstract higher education it dawned on me that nothing of which I had learned about human ways of doing in thick painful volumes by high acclaimed authors couldn't be put (and so often had been) in witty one-liners by anonymous, humble, common people throughout the ages.


But life's short and time's scarce, so why bother with long and often unbearable treatises if we can faster and better get at wisdom through condensed, common sense reflection?


The aim of this page is to gather those pieces of pop wisdom which I, and all of them who collaborate in the making of this page, find particularly insightful for their own life and personal experience. So keep in mind this isn't intended to be a thorough repository of adages, but a little collection of those more relevant ones for each of us editors of this site.


I wouldn't be wholly satisfied with this site if it only gathered what already has been said. Of course those old proverbs will make the bulk of the collection, the reason being they've got the time, boy, since the early days of humanity, to be thought, expressed, memerized and transmitted. But what about innovate? Why don't invent new ones? Why don't, just after you've made up a bright new proverb, hurry up here, press the edit button, type it and let others enjoy it? Just let's not allow for the scattered wisdom we sometime or another come up with be lost.


Let's wiki! Just ask for the password and begin proverbing!


Eduard Fabra,

Since February 15, 2006.

Last updated on 2008-11-26.

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